Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Be a Successful Reporter...

The characteristic of a good reporter that I chose as most important was quickness. This means that once he (or she) finds an oppourtunity for a story they follow through, make things happen and don't waste anytime. This quality is important in a journalist because when dealing with breaking new, deadlines, stories that the public has to know and other big pieces, a reporter can't dawdle and procrastinate. Fast reporters get the facts right away, aren't afraid to hunt them down and if it's an issue that is significant for the public then it's very helpful if the reporter can finish fast. I like the example that was on the Successful Reporter Website about the sign that hung in the Los Angeles news room. The sign said "get off your ass/knock on doors" and I think this sums up what being a journalist is all about. Finding compelling, truthful stories only happens when the person is willing to get out there and search hard for them.

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