Sunday, October 21, 2007

News Story #1 The Parking Lot

1) Slug: 212PL- 10/21/07

2) Section: Features

3) News Element #1: Consequence. Why? This story is important to all Edina Students (and parents) who drive to school everyday. The current traffic situation is a source of much grief for some students because it takes almost half an hour to get out of the parking lot so students will like to hear how it could change and improve in the future.

News Element #2: Proximity. Why? This is happening so close to our school and a lot of students can relate because such a large amount of kids drive or carpool to school.

News Element #3: Timeliness. Why? The ideas for changes in the parking lot are being discussed now. 212 is figuring out this problem now and there’s a brand new plan for the lot that is in the process of being made now.

4) This story is about the new changes that 212 is discussing for the parking lot. Traffic has been an issue in the Edina High School parking lot since it’s creation. The new organization 212 is going to try to solve this major problem for student drivers.

5) Specifically, who will you interview or contact? Why those people?

Matt Schroeder or Mikey Spencer. Why? They are both in 212 and can provide contact information and the perspective of a student and 212 member.

Dr. Locklear. Why? He is the leader of 212 and he would be good to talk to about the changes that are being made.

Traffic Control/Guards. Why? They can give a first hand account of what is happening in the parking lot everyday and tell things that need to be changed.

Student who drive to school. Why? They can also give first hand accounts of the pitfalls of the parking lots.

6) What information do you need to gather before you begin interviews? Their plans right now for the improvement of the parking lot.

7) What questions do you definitely need answered in your interviews? Why? What is the new plan for the parking lot? Why did changes have to be made? Why is this plan the best? What was wrong with the whole system? What did you have to do in order to get the changes made?

8) What photo opportunities are available to go alongside this story (give names, places, times, etc.)? Pictures could be taken at the city and school board presentations and also at the Edina High School parking lot during “rush hour” at 3:10 or 3:15.

9) Who should a photographer contact to set up photographs? My guess is that a photographer would have to talk to Dr. Locklear to figure out when the presentations are going to be. Also a photographer can go to the south parking lot exit between 3:15 and 3:30 to take pictures of the traffic jam.

10) What concerns or problems do you foresee in getting this story together? 212 hasn’t made the presentations to the city or school board and the plans are still undergoing changes so those might not be things that are easy to write about.

11) Other information?

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