Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News Story #2: Teachers Without Contracts

1) Slug: TWC-10/24/07

2) Section of newspaper story would appear: News

3) What are the most dominant news elements in the story? Explain:

News element #1: Timeliness. Why? The Edina teachers are not operating on a contract now, meaning this is news NOW, which makes it timeliness because it's currently happening.

News element#2: Proximity. Why? This story is close to students because it is happening in our school, to our teachers. It would affect us if the teachers and the School Board couldn't agree on a contract because our teachers might go on strike.

News element#3: Human Interest. Why? I will be featuring one or two teachers who are concerned or have a strong opinion about the contracts, which adds the human effect to the story bringing in human interest. Eric Gromberg, one of the teachers featured is the Secretary of the Teachers Union and so he adds human interest.

4) In a few sentences, describe what the story will be about:
As far as I understand, the teacher's contracts are being reworked, as per usual about every 2 years, and the teachers and school board haven't come to an agreement about certain things so teachers are working without contracts.

5) Specifically, who will you interview or contact? Why those people?

Senior Diaz- spanish teacher. Why? He has a sign in his classroom that says "teaching without a contract" or something of that nature so I know that he understands this situation, can provide his opinion and possibly connect me to other teachers.

Mr. Eric Gromberg- another spanish teacher. Why? He is the Secretary of the Teachers Union so he has been at the Teachers Union meetings and he knows the just of what's going on.

Mr. Van Anderson- the President of the Teacher's Union. Why? He will be the teacher who has the most freedom, or the most knowledge of the details he can give me and he can tell me the issues from the perspective of the teachers.

One of the Board Members- Why? They represent the opposite side of the conflict from the teachers.

Peyton Robb, Chair
4812 Valley View Road, Edina, MN 55424
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7313
H/W: 952-926-9439

Brian Hedberg, Vice Chair
4913 Trillium Lane, Edina, MN 55435
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7311
W: 952-922-8497 Cell: 612-384-8593

Bert Ledder, Clerk
6709 Cheyenne Trail, Edina, MN 55439
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7316
H: 952-941-9083

Randy Meyer, Treasurer
4016 Inglewood Avenue, Edina, MN 55416
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7308
H: 952-920-4373
Cell: 612-720-3711

Jeff Johnson, Assistant Treasurer
7108 Fleetwood Drive, Edina, MN 55439
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7314
H: 952-941-3799 W: 952-807-7470
Fax: 952-449-0785

Idith Almog, Assistant Clerk
9 Merilane, Edina, MN 55436
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7310
H: (952) 920-9423

Colleen Feige, Assistant Clerk
6616 Field Way, Edina, MN 55436
(Voicemail) 952-848-3912 x7312
H: 952-935-5540 W: 612-725-2000 x4553

6) What information do you need to gather before you begin interviews? What goes into the contracts and why the teachers are not happy with the one this year.

7) What questions do you definitely need answered in your interviews? Why? What exactly goes in to the contract? Why there is a stand still on this years contract? Has there ever been a stand still before? Who decides the final contract? When do they get updated? What are the teachers opinion of this years contract? What is the administration/school board's opinion?

8) What photo opportunities are available to go alongside this story (give names, places, times, etc.)? Senior Diaz's classroom on the first floor, in the language hallway is avaliable for pictures all throughout the school day. He has a sign in his room that would be a good picture to take. Teacher's Union meetings are

9) Who should a photographer contact to set up photographs? Contact Senior Diaz. Or contact

10) What concerns or problems do you foresee in getting this story together? I'm not exactly sure what the whole argument or conflict is in this situation so I will have to figure that out before I can move forward with this article.

11) Other information?

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